Revive Your Senses With a
Sao Paulo Massage!


Why would you need a Sao Paulo massage? One thing that tourists often don’t think about while on vacation is their own physical health – sure, you take an antacid if your stomach acts up, but have you ever considered something like a Sao Paulo massage to ease those aching muscles? Visiting a foreign city can be tiring and hard on your body, and one of the best things you can do to avoid being down for the count from muscle pain is to indulge yourself with a massage.

Where can you find a Sao Paulo massage? Many four and five star hotels offer massage services at a small fee, and some even tout themselves as spa resorts. Here are a few examples of hotels that have trained massage therapists on hand:

Blue Tree Convention Ibirapuer – Just inside the downtown core, the Blue Tree has a relaxing massage room as well as dry and steam saunas.

Emiliano – Located downtown, the luxurious Emiliano has massage and butler services for its guests.

Fasano Hotel Sao Paulo – Situated in the shopping district, the Fasano has massage services and a sauna.

Gran Melia WTC Sao Paulo – An executive class hotel, the Gran Melia has a sauna and a massage room.

Sao Paulo Morumbi Hilton – Located in the business district, the Hilton offers message services and aromatherapy.

Another place visitors might be interested in is the Casa Grande Hotel Resort and Spa, located just 44 miles outside of Sao Paulo, but within driving distance. Situated on the coast, the Casa Grande is mostly focused on the leisure traveler, and is a wonderful place to just get away and relax. However, since most Sao Paulo hotels offer massage services and saunas, it’s just like going to a spa right in your own home!

It is also much safer to make use of the hotel Sao Paulo massage services, rather than seek them out elsewhere in the city. It’s no secret that Brazil is well-known for its ‘clinicas massagem’, or massage parlours. Visitors to Sao Paulo who are seeking out sexual tourism are the main frequenters of these establishments, and it can be difficult to know which parlours are safe when it comes to your health, due to the nature of the business. It may also be somewhat difficult to sort out which massage services are parlours and which are genuine local spas – so for the wary visitor, it is in your best interest to stick with the services offered by your hotel.

The price for a Sao Paulo massage will vary widely by hotel and location, costing anywhere from $15-$75 USD, much like an American spa or beauty salon.

If you are ever in need of additional medical services while in Sao Paulo, ask your hotel for their recommendation. It would be unwise to simply walk into a medical clinic without prior knowledge of the establishment’s cleanliness and adherence to health standards, so please consult your concierge before visiting any medical clinic or seeking professional medical assistance.




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