Get Up Close and Personal With the Animals at Zoo Safari Sao Paulo


While admittedly the Sao Paulo zoo is a little smaller than some, the Zoo Safari Sao Paulo does more than make up for it! Where else can you drive in a vehicle through lush forests as the animals roam around freely – instead of looking at them from the outside, the Sao Paulo safari puts you in the cage! You can travel through the safari route either in your own vehicle or inside of one of the park vans, and there are additional metal bars put into place to ensure your personal safety at all times.

The track runs through a number of different animal habitat areas, and in some spots you are actually encouraged to feed some of the animals, such as the monkeys or the giraffes. There’s no need to worry about some of the more dangerous animals though, as they are separated from you with a metal netting barrier – but what an incredible sight to see lions, bears, and jaguars in their natural setting! There are 350 species in total on this amazing journey, and it is definitely an experience that adults and children will both enjoy.

If you’d prefer a more leisurely visit, there is the option of walking around the Zoo Safari Sao Paulo trail, however there are restricted areas that can only be visited in the safety of a vehicle. When you return to the safari headquarters, you can purchase some adorable souvenirs in the gift shop, or perhaps settle down for a drink and a snack in the animal-themed cafeteria!

The Sao Paulo safari team feeds the animals in the most natural way possible, and sometimes that means feeding them small rodents or fish that are specially bred to become animal food. The zoo runs its own breeding facility to raise animals for food, which ensures that the creatures who live at the Zoo Safari have as natural an existence as possible – after all, if they lived in the wild, they’d be eating other animals too! This is done as humanely as possible, so you can rest assured that the feed creatures are not given to the safari animals while still alive.

The Zoo Safari Sao Paulo is associated with the Sao Paulo Zoologico, but is certainly able to stand on its own! The safari runs from Wednesday to Sunday between the hours of 9:30am and 4:30pm, and costs about R$10 per person for a seat in the official safari van – though the cost is different if you are driving your own vehicle through the park. If you should choose to make reservations, you can call the Zoo Safari Sao Paulo Headquarters at (21)6336-2131. Should you like to drive there on your own, the address is Avenida do Cursino, 6338, Vila Morais.




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