Come Home to Acceptance in
Gay Sao Paulo


What’s so special about gay Sao Paulo? If anything, the fact that Sao Paulo’s Gay Pride Parade is the largest in the world has to say something about the level of openness and acceptance in gay Sao Paulo. In 2007, more than 3.5 million people attended the event, and the parade now has official government support and funding, making it a major tourist event!

The Gay Pride parade is probably one of the biggest gay festivals available in Sao Paulo, and it is here where a gay tourist can make the easiest connections with members of the gay community. Sao Paulo does have a wide number of gay clubs and restaurants to visit as well, and one of the primary places to go for this is Rua Augusta. This street has gay theatres, shopping, clubs and gay-themed restaurants. In addition, every Sunday evening the Vermont Itaim club holds a lesbian samba. 

Some of the gay Sao Paulo bars and clubs are:

Director’s Gourmet: this is a low-key bar in the Jardins area, and is mostly frequented by men. This is mostly a bar, though there is often a DJ playing very low-key tunes.

Farol Madalena: this small club is targeted at a lesbian audience, and has live Brazilian music on Wednesday through to Sunday. It’s quite busy and very popular, so patrons should get there early in the evening.

Lust Club: by no means a small club, the Lust Club can hold up to 3,000 people, and plays what has been called the best techno in the city. Weekends are the ‘in’ time to come to this club, though it does cater to the gay community 7 nights a week.

The Week: this newer club is more expensive, but it is the place to see and be seen in the gay community. It has an outdoor pool and many gay Sao Paulo event nights.

One place to stay away from is the Pra de Republica in gay Sao Paulo, unless you have a reliable local escort that can help you to navigate the sketchy populace that frequents the area. It’s known to be a bit seedy, and people are often relieved of their wallets and valuables if they happen to wander that way without a guide. The scene is entertaining however, as there are often members of the gay community holding spontaneous sambas and many colorfully-costumed prostitutes, but since it’s a lower-class end of town, it can be dangerous for the unwary.


Sao Paulo Parada do Orgulho
Come and be a part of one of the world’s largest Gay Pride celebrations in the entire world – around 3.5 million people were a part of 2007’s Sao Paulo Parada do Orgulho!




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