On Your Way to the City? Take Along This Guide to Sao Paulo Neighborhoods!


What possible use could you have for a guide to Sao Paulo neighborhoods? Sao Paulo has grown remarkably quickly during the 20th century, and for this reason it’s a good idea to have a guide to Sao Paulo neighborhoods while visiting the city! Many of the neighborhoods have their own distinct flair, and it’s useful to know where to go to really experience Sao Paulo to the fullest!

Centro Neighborhood – This is the central area of the city, saturated with shopping, businessmen, and university students. It’s a relatively safe area, even at night, and some of this area’s main attractions – apart from the general atmosphere of the area itself – are the architectural wonders of Banespa Tower and the San Bento Monastery.

Bela Vista – This neighborhood close to Centro is the Italian district of Sao Paulo! There are many bars and clubs here, and a lot of the city’s best hotels are in this area.

Liberdade – Another district of the downtown, this is the “little Tokyo” of Sao Paulo. This is one of the most vibrant and colorful neighborhoods of the city, and was the original place where Japanese immigrants settled in the late 19th century. There is a metro stop just for this neighborhood, and you might want to take a visit to the Museum of Japanese Immigration while you’re here!

Italim Bibi – On the south side of the city, this is one of Sao Paulo’s chic neighborhoods, with many galleries and the best restaurants in the city. Take a trip to the famous mall, Shopping Iguatemi!

North Side – The northern neighborhood of Sao Paulo is an area where a guide to Sao Paulo neighborhoods comes in handy. There are many smaller neighborhoods in this larger one, all with a small town feeling. The good thing about this area is that it houses the Expo Center Norte, one of the biggest exhibition venues in South America!

Vila Zelina – On the east side of the city, this area is mostly Lithuanian. The larger region of the east side is full of immigrants and actually has the largest population in Sao Paulo. It is more residential than tourist-friendly, and for this reason some people may see it as an unsafe neighborhood.

Paulista and Jardins – The neighborhood here commonly referred to as ‘Jardins’ is home to villas, mansions, and expensive shopping! The west side of Sao Paulo is where the wealthy live, and it’s very clear just by taking a look at this area! 

Vila Madalena – Also on the west side, the Vila Madalena is known for being a hotspot for celebrities and writers to sit back and relax. Many of Sao Paulo’s chic bars and galleries are located in this neighborhood.

No guide to Sao Paulo neighborhoods would be complete without a metro map, and you can find one here to help you on your travels. It should be considered that many of the southern areas of Sao Paulo cannot be accessed by metro, and will have to take a taxi or bus to get there. Sao Paulo buses work the same as American buses, just enter at the front and leave at the back. They run between 4am and midnight, and due to the highly confusing nature of the bus routes, ask your concierge which bus is best to get you where you need to go. Take this guide to Sao Paulo neighborhoods with you, and have fun!




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