A Look into Sao Paulo Brazil Crime Habits, Health and Hazards


Like any large city, in Sao Paulo Brazil crime exists – and that’s a fact. There are social issues, Sao Paulo poverty, and violence, but consider this: every large city of the world has these problems, and tourism still flourishes. Does knowing about it somehow make the concept of Sao Paulo Brazil crime any worse? Or does it make you a better informed traveller?

Knowing about the crime rate and social problems before heading to Sao Paulo shouldn’t make you fearful – instead, you’ll be more aware of the city and the heart of the people there. You’ll be aware of what inhabitants face on a daily basis, and won’t be tempted to look at the city as a place with glossy sheen – the city is home to millions of wonderful people who would love to see the issues in their city eliminated, but who would also still love to share the good parts of the city with you. To help you become a better informed traveller, here are some safety tips and information about Sao Paulo Brazil crime rates and current social problems.

Many of the safety issues in Sao Paulo revolve around money – be careful about where you handle money, and never discuss it in public or with someone you don’t know. Don’t have large quantities of cash in your hand if you’re inside a vehicle in slow traffic, as Sao Paulo is known for vehicle holdups. Although these usually happen at night, carry some extra American dollars with you during the day as well, just in case. If you hand over some cash, these holdups usually end without violence.

What about general statistics for Sao Paulo Brazil crime? The number one cause of death among youth from 15-24 is murder – 42% of violent crimes resulting in death have been through homicides. In fact, at least 15 million Brazilians are unable to read or write, which is a contributing factor to the level of poverty in the city. The problem is that there is very little legislation concerning firearms: in Sao Paulo state, there is one gun for every 74.5 people, with 95% of these guns being illegal. 

Another issue in the country, as well as the city, is the amount of sex slavery. It is estimated that around 75,000 women are forced into prostitution or sex slavery across the European Union, usually recruiting women from Sao Paulo or Rio and then sending them over to Europe to work once they’ve been “trained”. (Paulo Coelho, a famous Brazilian writer, has written a great novel about such a happening, which you should read, called 11 Seconds)

For the past few years, local governments have been focusing on increasing public awareness of this drastic social Sao Paulo Brazil crime, and the numbers of women forced to work in the sex trade are now slowly decreasing.

It’s strongly advised not to buy favours from prostitutes, (also known as Sao Paulo garota de programa, acompanhantes de Sao Paulo, or simply Sao Paulo Brazil escort) as not only will this be supporting human slave trading and illegal syndicates, but might result in risk of sexual transmitted diseases or assaults and robbery.




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