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Before you start looking through a Sao Paulo Brazil Guide for your trip, you might be surprised to know that Sao Paulo is actually a city with a very long history! Though now Sao Paulo is the capital city of the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil, with a population of around 11 million people, its history reaches as far back as 1554, when two Jesuit missionaries founded a tiny village as their made their way through the wilds of Brazil.

Over the next few centuries, explorers came through Sao Paulo looking for gemstones and gold, and these explorers are known as the Bandierantes – and are probably responsible for most of Sao Paulo’s territorial expansion! However, it wasn’t until 1711 that Sao Paulo found herself to be an official city, and in the 19th century, Sao Paulo would prosper greatly from trade in coffee.

Immigrants began making their way into Sao Paulo at this time, and next thing the world knew, it was the 21st century… and Sao Paulo was one of the 10 largest cities in the world! Now, due to the sheer size, a Sao Paulo Brazil Guide is definitely needed to navigate the vast area of the city.

Because of its rich history and incredible landscape, Sao Paulo has become an increasingly popular destination of choice for tourists visiting Brazil. The temperature is humid but not unbearably hot, and it isn’t unusual for rain to cool off the city every so often during the week.

As such a large city, there are also many, many hotels and accommodations available to the visitor – everything from hostels, to vacation rentals, to five-star luxury resorts. This Sao Paulo Brazil Guide will help point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing a place to stay while in Sao Paulo, an important choice to make your vacation worthwhile!

This Sao Paulo Brazil Guide will also walk you through many of Sao Paulo’s attractions and provide you with travel advice about where to go, what to see, what to do, and even what not to do! Take a walk in the Ibirapuera Park, or visit the unique Museum of Japanese Immigration in Little Tokyo. Climb up the Banespa Building, and spend a day at the Avenida Paulista seeing the sights!

From the white-sanded beaches of the southern coast to the best Sao Paulo restaurants, you’ll be able to plan your vacation and make well-informed choices about how to spend your time in gorgeous Sao Paulo. Read on, and enjoy your stay!



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