How To Find Great Discounts on Sao Paulo Flights


When planning your vacation to Brazil, where do you start looking for Sao Paulo flights? And where is the best place to go to find airline tickets to Sao Paulo at a discounted price? Even before all that, do you even know which airport you should be flying into? Sao Paulo actually has three airports, one for international flights, one which is mainly regional and domestic with some international, and a third that flies domestic, but is quite small and a little out of the way.

The Sao Paulo flights in and out of Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) come from all across the world, with 37 international and national airlines flying here to 23 different countries. From the United States, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta and LAN Peru all fly into Guarulhols airport, while other countries’ airlines include Air France, Air China, Japan Airlines, British Airways, Qatar Airways, South African Airlines, and more!

The Congonhas-Sao Paulo International Airport (CGH) also flies internationally, and was the city’s primary airport until 1985 when the Guarulhos was built to ease traffic. There are a more limited number of airlines that fly in and out of the Congonhas, and these include BRA Transportes Aereos, Gol Transportes Aereos, OceanAir, Pantanal Linhas Aereas, TAM Linhas Aereas and Varig. While these are some of the largest airlines in Brazil, it probably isn’t the best place to fly into on an international flight – you’re more likely to find cheap Sao Paulo flights elsewhere.

Where can you go to find cheap flights to Sao Paulo? While a travel agent may be able to offer you a great deal, it’s worth taking a look online at some comparative rates. If you’re planning on visiting other areas of Brazil after your time in Sao Paulo, one of the best places to look for intra-Brazil flights is Gol, which offers excellent discounts. As for international cheap flights, try SkyScanner, where you can browse for cheap flights to Sao Paulo in ten different languages. Another good site to look into is Flight Network, which offers vacation packages as well as airline tickets at a discount.

If you’re planning on booking Sao Paulo flights in the near future, it would be a good idea to check for the off-season in Sao Paulo – stay away from the Carnival in February and March, while May and June is a slightly lower key celebration time. Still, do your booking after the major holidays, and book your flights for later in the year, between August and October.




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