Experience the Diverse Cultures in Sao Paulo Food and Drink


Sao Paulo food and drink is very different from many of the other cities in Brazil. In fact, you’ll find that almost every Brazilian city has its own regional flair when it comes to the local cuisine. Why is that? Each city is made up of very diverse inhabitants! And in Sao Paulo, there is a large Japanese community that has heavily influenced many of the food selections in the city. There are also many Middle Eastern and Lebanese restaurants, making Sao Paulo one of the best places in all of Brazil to try new kinds of cuisine from across the world!

Of course, it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of Sao Paulo’s favorite local dishes before you head out to eat – you can’t truly experience the city if you haven’t eaten Sao Paulo food and drink like a local!

  • Bauru sandwich: this is a local favorite! A hot sandwich filled with tomato, cucumber, and four different kinds of cheese over roast beef.
  • Carne del Sol: sun-dried meat snack, usually salted and spiced beef.
  • Feijoada: a tasty stew of black beans, beef, and pork; usually there are several types of sausage included in the dish as well as salted pork trimmings. It’s made in a large, clay pot, so that the broth becomes thick and richly browned. Typically served over rice, locals enjoy it with a glass of red wine.
  • Mandioca: typically served at bars, this is a cassava root, served deep fried and sprinkled with salt, or you can ask for it cooked and seasoned with butter. Better than potato chips!

As for Sao Paulo drinking, here are a few favorite drinks:

  • Cachaca: Cachaca is the national spirit of Brazil, making it a drink with a long history – over 400 years as Brazil’s favorite drink! It is made out of sugar cane through a process very similar to making rum, though Cachaca uses freshly fermented and distilled sugarcane juice instead of molasses. Some of the best Cachaca has been aged a few years. 
  • Caipirinha: this is an exotic, traditional cocktail that blends Cachaca together with sugar cane, some ice and a few crushed limes. The ingredients are all thrown together and then muddled with a blunt spoon or a masher, with a twist of lime to top it all off!
  • Guarana: made from the Guarana plant, it’s a sweet fruit drink that also has caffeine! Very tasty, and a favorite Sao Paulo fruit juice.


Where can you go for this delicious Sao Paulo food and drink? Here a few Sao Paulo restaurants that have been highly recommended by visitors in the past! They each have a very different selection of foods, so why not try out a new place each night and get the full Sao Paulo food and drink experience!

Try Sao Paulo food and drink at these local Brazilian Restaurants:

Antiquaruis – Cuisine: Spanish/Portuguese
Alameda Lorena, 1884
Jardim Paulista, Avenida Paulista
T: 011 3082-3015

Capim Santo – Cuisine: Brazilian
Rua Ministro Rocha Azevedo 471
Cerquiera Cesar, Jardins
T: 011 3068-8486

Famiglia Mancini – Cuisine: Italian
Rua Avanhandava 81
Centro, Centro
T: 011 3256-4320

Kabuki – Cuisine: Japanese
Rua Girassol 384
Vila Madalena, Vila Madalena
T: 011 3814-5131

Le Chef Rouge – Cuisine: French
Rua Bela Cintra 2238
Cerqueira Cesar, Jardina
T: 011 3081-7539




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