The Top 5 Sao Paulo Guide Books
For Your Travels!


Want the best in Sao Paulo guide books for your travels? Read these reviews of some of the top Brazilian guide books available today!

Lonely Planet Brazil – by Lonely Planet Guides

Lonely Planet Brazil is a travel guide that tries to give you an all-around look at the accommodations, restaurants, attractions and history of the cities in Brazil – all with the everyday traveler in mind. There are over 150 maps in this book, double what other Sao Paulo guide books include, and the accommodation guide has everything in it from hostels to five-star resorts. The emphasis is on local flavor, and there is an upbeat tone that helps visitors to see the country from a local perspective.

There are some small errors in the Sao Paulo section of this book however, which appears to be mainly centered around some of the small businesses that have closed since its publication. Of course, this is likely to be the case in every large city – some small businesses flourish, while others eventually close or move elsewhere. Regardless, this is a vibrant and informative guide to your stay in Sao Paulo!

Frommer’s Brazil – by Shawn Blore and Alexandra de Vries

The Frommer’s guide to Brazil is one of the Sao Paulo guide books that doesn’t hold back when it comes to opinions. The guide is very outspoken, giving detailed and real advice about both the good and the bad in Sao Paulo – what you should see, and what you shouldn’t waste your time on! That said, it has a bit more of a functional approach than some of the other guides like Lonely Planet or the Rough guide.

The primary problem with this guide book is the lack of maps, which means that users should supplement this book with another piece of literature that has some city maps.

Insight Guide Brazil – by Jane Ladle

This unlikely gem of Sao Paulo guide books is primarily a visual guide, including numerous photographs of breathtaking Brazilian landscapes and waterfalls. Published through a partnership with the Discover Channel, this guide also includes a number of informative and exciting essays from travelers who have been to Sao Paulo and come back with stories of their travels!

As visually stunning as it is, this book isn’t really all that useful as a travel guide, but more so as a guide book to Brazil and Sao Paulo from a visual perspective. The Insight Guide Brazil will provide an excellent introduction to the city and what you’ll encounter there – but leave it at home when you go, and bring along another guide with you that’s specifically focused on traveling.

Fodor’s Brazil, 4th Edition
– by Fodor’s Gold Guides

Want to make this trip to Sao Paulo your dream vacation? Choose this over all other Sao Paulo guide books! The Fodor’s guide is absolutely saturated with information, giving you insight to hotels, restaurants, attractions, and tours, and providing helpful tips on local customs and culture along the way! You’ll learn the nuances of haggling like a Brazilian, and read about Sao Paulo from the writings of local experts!

If you want to see Sao Paulo and Brazil from a local and culturally-oriented point of view, this guide is the perfect addition to your suitcase. That being said, if you are heading to Sao Paulo for pre-arranged tours, this isn’t the book for you. It may be a bit off the beaten path, but you’ll experience Sao Paulo like you never expected if you use this guide!

The Rough Guide to Brazil 6
– by Rough Guides

The Rough Guide to Brazil 6 is a good, basic guide to bring with you on a trip to Sao Paulo, with over 70 maps to help you navigate the cities and get you where you want to go! There are also extensive reviews of hotels and accommodations for almost any budget, though you may find that some of the financial information needs to be updated in this specimen of Sao Paulo guide books.

Some negatives to this book include a lack of information about internet cafes, and sometimes the descriptions seem to be a tad bit dry and lacking personality. However, the focus is on relaying the facts, which is what you want when trying to plan a trip to Sao Paulo!




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