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So, you’ve traveled all the way to Brazil, but you want to keep you family updated? Sao Paulo internet opportunities might not be as widespread as those found in Europe, but since Sao Paulo is a business-class and forward-thinking city, the technology and availability of internet access in Sao Paulo is certainly a step ahead of other cities in Brazil. Here are a few Sao Paulo internet cafes and gaming hotspots where you can go to send email, check the news, and keep friends and family up to date on your travels!

ArenA MpG
Rua Reims, 177
T: 00 55 11 3858 9667
This Sao Paulo internet location is reportedly the best place in town for playing online games, though you can also check your email, use their business services, or even join their VIP club for special offers and discounts.


Av. Faria Lima, 2931
T: 55 11 3078 1533
This location has twenty computers with high-speed internet access, online gaming, webcams, as well as scanning and printing services for a small extra fee.

Itanheam – SP
This internet café has high-speed internet connections, and large 17-inch monitors!

Al. dos Anapurus, 1469
T: 55 11 5097 9927
Although you can come here to check your email, this internet store is mostly frequented by regular online gaming patrons. It’s a very low-key and comfortable environment, and caters to a younger crowd.

Na Rede
R. Ministro Godoi 1169
T: 55 11 3865 1479
The Sao Paulo internet experience wouldn’t be complete without a visit to a… Italian-style internet café? As odd as it might seem, this location offers Italian coffees and has 8 iMacs for patrons to surf the web. There are also international newspapers for relaxation and reading!

Net Corner
Loja de Campinas
Rua Coronet Quirino, 1252
T: 55 11 3842 0072
This chain of internet access points was established in 1999, and is a well-known store across Brazil.

Restaurante do Masp
Av. Paulista 1578
T: 55 11 2532 829
This Sao Paulo internet location is a typical internet café, with drinks and high-speed internet access, however it caters to the Christian crowd. It is a clean and pleasant café, and may be the only internet cafe in the city that does not charge for internet use!

Yesnet-Quicklink Cyber Office
Av. Brigadeiro Luiz Antonio 1976, Bela Vista
T: 055 11 3253 5232

This internet location is near the Brigadeiro Metro, and is situated in a quiet area of town with the convenience of air conditioning! Since this is more of a business service location than a café, it also offers color or black and white printing, international fax, scanning services and CD burning.




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